Storage FacilitiesMan and a Van London has been around for more than ten years, proudly offering relocation and storage services to both individuals and corporate customers. Our main expertise lies in helping people with all their moving and storage problems. We are based in London but our offices are spread all over the country and beyond. Because of our wide network we are able to cater to individuals looking to move not only within the UK but also internationally in overseas country. We help with people looking for someone to ship their boxes from one place to another, to those looking for a bigger shipment job which involves help with packing as well, and finally we offer those looking for temporary storage solutions. Just call us at 020 8746 4384 to inquire further details on all of our packages and prices.

We offer many different kinds of storage solutions. The most popular service of ours is called our portable storage solution. This portable storage solution is perfect for anyone looking for a big container that can contain all their belongings and be safely shipped from one place to another. This service is being offered to not only individuals but businesses as well. For people who wish to setup a small office in their back yard or somewhere else, our large portable solutions work best. We can ship this to your location and you can set it up in any manner you like and for any purpose required. Some of our portable storage rooms are large enough and contain windows, comfortably sized doors, and proper mechanism for ventilation. They are perfect for setting up a studio or for other temporary purposes. You can either choose to purchase them or you can rent them for a short period of time until you have sorted out something else.

A lot of people these days are looking for data storage solutions. Man and a Van London is also expert in this area of storage facility. We offer great online, offline, and other types of computer data storage services. Whether you need to store word documents, videos, or audio files, we cater to it all. You can choose the size of hard drive you need and we can conveniently break it up for you to store each type of data separately and neatly. This storage facility is available over our online website as well. Our online storage facility is great for easily and ready access to your data anytime and from any part of the world. If you are looking for offline data storage, we have secure and strong storage lockers where you can preserve your important documents without worrying about any damage or theft. Only you will have the key to its locker and you can access it any time you like.

uk-storage-containersWe are one of the most trusted companies when it comes to providing storage solutions. We have extensive mechanisms set up along with state – of – the – art security systems to provide top notch security and safety to your valuables. We ensure no harm or damage comes to your possessions and so we have appointed a security system to watch over your belongings all the time. We also offer full insurance coverage for everything you leave with this. This further guarantees our commitment to the safety and well being of your possessions you entrust us with.

No matter what your budget or need is we can work up a solution that is best for you. We have always taken pride in offering tailored and customized packages to our customers because we understand that each customer of ours is unique and requires unique attention. Just call us at 020 8746 4384 and have our representative look after you immediately.

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