So you’ve picked to move your office to the area with postcode W10 – in North Kensington and Queens Park and you probably already realize how tough moving a business is. It’s also emotional for the employees and risky for the work process. This huge undertaking is sometimes just inevitable so you must approach it professionally. Unfortunately, if you don’t get to choose the time for the relocation, you could end up moving the office premises in the middle of winter. If that’s the case with your business, then you require some proper advice to help you manage. You need to be aware of the logistics of moving a business and how much preparation there is to do.

The first thing to do, which is essential, is informing your employees. If you want them to stay focused on the work they have to know as early as possible. Try to pick a weekend in winter when the weather forecast doesn’t predict snowstorms and ice. It can be a complete havoc to move in the middle of the winter, especially in London. However, the move will be much cheaper than in summer when everyone is moving. Forget any ideas about different kinds of DIY moves and what you’ve heard – it’s too much risk, no insurance and it will have a negative effect on your business. Instead, look for a London office removal company with a great feedback from past clients and ask for a quote. Ideally you will have at least three quotes from reputable companies to choose from.

Don’t pick the lowest quote – you need a quality and quick removal, not a risky one. Ask your employees to pack only their personal belongings from their desks and either bring them straight to the new office on Monday morning or seal the boxes and label them. Moving in winter is tougher because of the weather, but it can also be beneficial and not cause any pressure. If you move the office during the Christmas holidays, when your business is on holiday anyway, this won’t affect the productivity and your employees will simply come to the new office after the celebrations – feeling positive, relaxed and energetic.

Of course Christmas is not the best time to deal with boxes, packing and arranging an office, but you can set the moving date and then deal with the rest when you have the time. The packers and movers can organize the office, assemble the furniture and then you could hire full cleaning services. Every office moving company knows that a business owner doesn’t have time for setting up computers and printers or hanging paintings on the walls in the new office.

That’s why you should look for a company which offers a variety of additional services – everything from unpacking to cleaning and renovation. This way you can be sure that the move will be fully done before the staff arrives for work. It’s hard to do a long-distance move in winter, so make sure you hire a company that will fully cover any damage or risk on the road. The bad weather will most certainly cause bad moving conditions, but don’t despair – at least it will be less busy than in any other season.

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