The area in London with postcode SW6 is the area of Fulham. It’ more or less a Central London area, where you will have a good time living. However, before you can sit down, relax and enjoy your new home and neighborhood, you need to sort out each and every detail of the relocation and that isn’t easy at all.

When you reside in Spain and then you decide to move to London on your own, with your partner or whole family, the changes that you will encounter may be tough and too many to list. The first thing to understand is that a house move is more than just hiring an international mover and shifting all of your belongings to another country. On the contrary, in this specific situation, the actual logistics of the move might be much easier than the adapting process. It’s not that London is not a great city to live in, but it’s just much different from Spain and the lifestyle of Spanish people.

One of the first differences is the language and if you are planning to work in London, you should start learning it if you haven’t already. Other differences include food, culture, traditions and of course the weather. This is usually the biggest change for Spanish people who relocate to England, because the sunny days are not many and the whole atmosphere is quite dull and gray. Of course London makes up for the weather with other things – entertainment, music scene, historical sites, free activities and events, and many more.

Before you can enjoy these benefits, you need to sort out the moving process and ensure that you have a successful house move. Look for a removals company that you can really trust – a mover who has specialized in international relocations and holds a valid license for international shipping. Keep in mind that such a move requires proper packing and professional handling. Make sure you set the moving date so it’s convenient for your children too, in terms of school. Take the time to look for a new school in the area where your house will be. Don’t be worried too much – there are many Spanish families in London and your children will easily make friends even if they don’t speak the language yet. Book your plane tickets and start planning what to take in your luggage. You will need the basic essentials for the first couple of days (keep in mind that you might arrive before the moving truck with your household items), all of your important documents, essential electronics, chargers, adapters, clothing and footwear, some toiletries, a towel, etc. Check for luggage restrictions before you pack though. Ensure that you receive full coverage for your shipment from the moving company and don’t pay before the move is complete. When you need to budget an international relocation, it’s wise to start saving up months before it, while looking for a mover in the meantime.

Make sure that you research the area you are moving to in London – this will make the adapting process for you and your family much quicker and easier. If possible, visit London and your future home with your family before you move there.
Happy moving!

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