If you’re planning on moving house then you might be considering hiring a removal company to assist you and your family with the move. Though hiring a removal company can be expensive, there are a lot of good reasons why you shouldn’t just abandon the idea. If you’re on the fence about hiring help for your move then take a look at this list of reason why you should bite the bullet and hire a removal company.

1) Professional.
No matter how many times you’ve moved house, it’s unlikely you’re going to be as professional as a removal company is going to be. If you’ve selected a reliable company then you’re going to be in safe hands when it comes to correctly loading the van, heavy lifting and efficient unpacking.

2) Speedy.
Not only are removal companies good at what they do, but they’re also fast. Consider the amount of time it would take you – even with the help of family and friends – to load up, drive and unpack a rented van. Are you clued-up about transporting fragile items? What about antiques or electronics? Any hesitancy you might have towards moving day is likely to be alleviated by hiring a removal company, so if you’re losing sleep at night then this is definitely something to consider.

3) Children and pets.
If you’re moving house with children or pets then they might have to be your number one priority. Hiring a removal company gives you a little leeway in terms of how much time and effort you’re going to need to put into the move. If you need to disappear to feed your baby then your removal company can continue without you. Similarly, if you’re going to have pets dashing around through any open doors, this is something you can make your removal company NW6 aware of to avoid disaster!

4) Insurance.
Should any of your belongings get damaged or destroyed during the moving process and it’s happened because of your removal company, then you can make sure you’re insured. Although this might not alleviate all the stress of a broken antique or family heirloom, it means that you have a bit of peace of mind when it comes to being financially compensated. Check the insurance policies of all companies before deciding on the right one for you, but remember that you’re getting a better level of protection then simply relying on clumsy friends or family!

5) Environment.
Not only is hiring a Kilburn removal company going to be less stressful for you and your family, it could also be a lot less harmful for the environment. More and more removal companies are working to be environmentally friendly, so if you’re watching your carbon footprint then this might be a good option for you. If you’re hesitant about the legitimacy of this, think about how many car journeys you’d have to make without the space of a large van. One or two trips in a big van is going to be much more environmentally-friendly than eleven trips in your Land Rover!

6) Packing materials.
Some removal companies NW6 offer their own packing materials. You might be able to save yourself some money and ensure you’re moving your belongings in the safest way possible by finding a deal on the cost of materials and transport. Some companies with offer these together as a package for a bargain price, so it’s worth looking in to if you want to have packing materials that you know are going to last!

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