Moving to Brent, located in North West London (postcode NW) from another area of London can be just as stressful as moving from one end of the country to another. That said, one way to save money on moving costs can be to hire a man and a van service. As your move should hopefully not take more than a few days at most, you may get better value for money than using a removal company. Here are some guidelines on what to look for when considering man and van services.

Assess how much you need to move

Depending on whether you have to move a large family home or one bedroom flat’s worth of goods, you’ll need a service to match accordingly. A man and van can really shine if your move is relatively small in terms of space requirements, as you are generally only charged by the hour, and will most likely complete your move fairly quickly. Of course, an extra van can be very useful in big moves too. If you’re running behind or need to get some things moved outside of your removal companies business hours, then a man and van hire is a great alternative.


Even a meticulously planned move can have unexpected spanners thrown into the works, and this is another area where planning ahead and having a man in a van n hand can be a lifesaver. A man and van will generally happily accept short term contracts, regardless of time frame: it could be a few hours or few days, so their services are perfect for last minute transport. Most of the time, they will only charge you for the time you hire them, not flat rates for a day, so use this to your advantage. This allows you a greater degree of flexibility than a removal company, but can be a useful complimentary service even if you are using fully fledged company.

An extra pair of hands

In addition to flexibility, you also get someone to help you load and unload your items. This can often be preferable to simply hiring a van yourself, as you won’t have the hassle of driving as well as loading, which gives you more energy to focus on unpacking once you’ve arrived. There is often a lot of paper work involved in hiring your own van too, and this can be time consuming in addition to costly. Hiring a man and van service bypasses these issues entirely, so is always worth considering.

Transporting you valuables

You might find it preferable to keep your valuable close at hand when moving, and using a man in a van for this aspect of your move can be worthwhile. You can for example, leave the bulk of your items to the removal company, and use the man in a van for the delicate and valuable goods, as well as essentials you’ll need when you arrive, with the added bonus of being driven there. Most removal companies won’t have room for you to tag along with them, but a man and van hire probably will, so you can save yourself a trip while keeping valuables close by.
Finding and choosing man and van services

Check your local telephone directories and the internet to get a picture of who operates in the London area. There are many services available, so try ringing around and getting some quotes, and go with whoever offers you the best rates and takes your requirements into account. Word of mouth is often a good way of finding a reliable man and van, so ask around your local area for recommendations too.

Price your move

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