For many young professionals, after moving away to University, they often decide, or have no choice, but to relocate again for a new job. It’s also an exciting time when young adults can choose a vibrant city with high chances of both work and a social life. Asides from young people, more and more people are upping sticks and making the move later in life, either for work or a better quality of life. Whether you’re contemplating moving, are actively researching possibilities or have already found work in your dream location, here are some top tips for moving away to start work.

Choosing a home

The world is your oyster, well, the world of rented accommodation, anyway. But, in that world there’s plenty to suit every taste and budget. For those moving to a new city, the most obvious accommodation is a shared house. Moving into a shared house or flat has plenty of plus points; new friends, cheap rent and the gateway to a vibrant social life to compliment that high flying job in the city. There are countless websites offering ample selection of shared houses from large homes in the suburbs to city centre apartments. If sharing a fridge and bathroom isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of affordable option such as bedsits and small apartments. To get more for your money, look away from the central areas where prices drop but still offer easy access to the excitement. If you don’t need to worry about budget, then choose an area which will offer the lifestyle you prefer.

Settling in

After moving in, often it’s more difficult to settle in. Your house mates will only be so much fun, and it’s rare to click with a house of strangers so much that they are all your new best friends. And what if you didn’t opt for a shared place? Your only social life can’t revolve around office parties. Whilst settling in it’s important to establish a routine and to get out there; however you choose to enjoy yourself. Explore the local gyms or parks for exercise and activities, join the library to amuse yourself with books and DVDs and get involved in the local scene. There are countless groups, meetings and classes that are geared towards young professionals who might be lacking in friendship groups in a new area. Many offer everything from pub sessions to knitting classes and of course, everything in between. It’s important to strike a happy medium between work, socialising and activities away from the desk and the pub.

Long term

So, now you’re settling in it’s important to start thinking about the long term. You may have moved into a temporary place, or perhaps, now you’re becoming familiar with the area you’re keen to move to a better location or have found some friends you’d like move in with. Either way, it’s important to maintain an awareness of what you’re long term plans are and not to enjoy yourself, getting lost in the moment a bit too much. It’s also important to keep in contact with family and old friends, just like moving to University, no matter how much fun you’re having now, things might change and there’s nothing worse than feeling distant from those that care. If you’re feeling a bit down and disheartened, family are only a quick phone call or journey away and you’ll feel back to your old self in no time at all.

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