Coming to terms with the size of your move can often be the most difficult part of moving house, and for many the most daunting bit of the whole process is before you’ve even taken a look as to how much of a job you have on your hands! In many ways the best way to make your move an easier process is to attack it head on as early as possible, which will mean planning ahead and starting a good few weeks in advance, rather than leaving everything to the last minute. Your introduction to moving house and any Westminster furniture removals that you need to get sorted while relocating will often be a baptism of fire that you learn from to get to know what to avoid the next time round, but what if you could learn from other people’s first timer mistakes, so that you were well prepared for yours? We’re here to give you that bit of advice to make sure that your first move is a much more efficient affair.

Start as mentioned above, by planning well in advance. If you give yourself a few weeks before the move date (depending on the size of the move), then you should be in a position to plan out the weeks up to the move in time to asses everything calmly and with due consideration. You will likely want to reduce the amount of hours per day that you spend on the move, as it will likely take up most of your life otherwise. If you have given yourself enough time in advance, then you should be in a position to work everything that needs doing and set it out in a list. Get a friend or family member to look over the list to make sure that you have not missed anything out, as it is easy to forget certain things when you are concentrating on others. Once you have your comprehensive list in place, you can start to tackle the weeks ahead by transposing the list of tasks into a timetable of days. If you have been clever and planned far enough in advance, you should find that the amount of days you have in comparison to the various things that you have to do is a nice balance, meaning that you only have to spend a couple of hours every day sorting things out for the move, rather than a couple of solid weeks packing and sorting right before the Westminster move! Having a bit of time to do the things you would normally get on with is a great way to make the move less of a stressful experience, which will definitely add to your personal experience of the move.

Getting your Westminster removal company right is essential for the move’s success, as it is the experience that these companies carry that will really make everything so much easier. If yours is a smaller move that doesn’t require the full scale services of a proper removals company, then getting in touch with a man and van company will be an essential move to make. You should find that there are a load of such services in your area, and they will be competitively priced if you look carefully. Get a peek in the local ads and on ebay for the smaller independent services who are usually the cheapest.

We wish you all the luck in the world with your move, and hope that our handy hints will make your first relocation a dream!

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