If you are planning an upcoming house move to Earls Court, there will be a considerable amount of work to do before you lock the door behind you. The biggest side of a house move is the moving of furniture – it’s a strenuous job as each piece has to be properly packed and wrapped and carefully shifted with the help of a big moving truck.

How do you plan such a big undertaking, especially if you’ve never done it before? The first rule of thumb is to take the inventory and know exactly what you are going to move. Just because your home is well-furnished, doesn’t mean that each and every piece will be moved to the new home. How about the old kitchen cupboard that’s been used for ages? Does it need to be replaced with a new one which will fit the new kitchen better? Why don’t you shop for furniture closer to the moving date and get it delivered straight to the new place. This way you will be saving money, time and energy.

If you have the exact measurements and space plan of your new home, plan the place of each piece of furniture before you pay for packing and moving it. Some of the old items will have to go and the less you have to move, the quicker and cheaper the relocation will be.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most useful tips when it comes to moving furniture from one place to another.

• Plan which pieces of furniture can be disassembled so it’s easier to move them. Write it down on the inventory list.
• If you are not hiring packers, call some friends to help you with the heaviest pieces.
• It’s risky to lift heavy and large furniture by yourself. Make sure you lift with your legs, not with your back and use a dolly as much as possible.
• Even the pieces that are lighter can strain your back and arms and prevent you from moving anything else for the rest of the moving day. Don’t risk it – use a dolly or ask a friend for a pair of helping hands.
• Make sure your young children stay away from the moving action. No lifting and no packing of furniture – this is not a children’s game.
• Use stretch wrap to protect the furniture and the major appliances too. Stretch wrap is perfect for sofas, armchairs, couches, chairs, drawers and shelves.
• After you disassemble cupboards, cabinets, tables, beds and other pieces, keep the small items in plastic sealable bags and label them accordingly. If you want to assemble everything quickly and problem-free, you need a good organization.
• Inside the moving truck, make sure the heaviest and largest pieces of furniture are arranged at the furthest end of the truck (next to the cab), the tables are positioned upside down (ideally with their legs wrapped or detached), drawers are full of books or clothing so they sit steady and don’t move inside the truck.
• After the move position the biggest pieces of furniture on their places first and don’t move them around. Continue arranging the rooms around them.
• After unwrapping the furniture pieces, use a damp cloth to wipe them down and a furniture polish.

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