Moving, as it is to be expected, is a stressful process, and hiring a professional moving companies in E3 is the most straightforward way to make your move a successful experience. Of course there are DIY options available for you to explore, but they can be tiring and time consuming. So if you can afford it, getting professional help from a moving company for your whole move is the best option for a successful move. Still, of course, you cannot go about obliviously looking for a moving company when you do not even know exactly what you must be looking for.

As everyone will tell you, the best way to plan and execute a move is to start early. You will not succumb to last minute rush mistakes, and things in general will be more manageable for you that way. First thing to do is to make a clear outline of all of your needs; all the help that you may require. Then get to the task of finding the right professional moving company E3 that would suite your specific needs the most. Do your proper research by looking up the internet, searching through yellow pages, etc. See what services they do provide and how many of them fulfil your removals requirements. Prepare a short list. Then you can filter through the shortlist further by asking some questions. Are they a broker or a proper moving company? Brokers are very helpful when it comes to provide information and estimates, but they have limited capabilities in providing binding quotes and they do not take responsibility for any broken and lost goods. Does the quote cover all the charges, including extra charges (e.g. parking charges, long distance charges, fuel charges, etc.)? Hidden charges can affect your budget badly later on, so it is always better to clarify on the prices beforehand. What type of insurance would be included in your quote? All professional movers provide you with a basic insurance plan known as ‘limited liability’.

This plan allows a fixed rate per pound of your goods weight. There is a further option of ‘added valuation’, where you are provided protection, in the form of current value of your items minus the depreciation in the value, against damage and/or loss. The third and the most costly insurance option is ‘full valuation’, whereby you are provided with the full coverage for the original value of your goods without subtracting the depreciation. Your moving company can provide you with reasonable insurance prices against each of these options, but if you are not satisfied, you can contact your own insurance company and compare prices, and decide on the most suitable option for you.

Another question that you may ask is: What is the quality and safety rating of the E3 removal vans or trucks of the moving company? Most good professional companies keep an up to date and highly maintained fleet of vans and/or trucks. Ensuring the quality and safety ratings/condition of the van service will ensure the safety of your goods. Do they offer a contingency plan for your move? It is important to know what will happen in case of bad weather or traffic, and breakdowns. You must be aware how your company may handle these situations to ensure you a smooth and reliable move. Most good companies boasting a large fleet may be able to accommodate you in such situations.

Lastly, good communication with your professional moving company and keeping a calm (and attentive!) head throughout your moving process will make your move all the more a pleasant and successful experience.

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