Waterloo – the home to high quality living. With a bustling station, good transport links and plenty of bars, restaurants and shop nearby, not to mention the scenery, Waterloo is one of the most desirable London locations to relocate to. When it’s finally time to move out and start a new life in a new location, make sure you take advantage of removal and have a good clear-out to avoid taking your old life with you. Embrace a fresh start in Waterloo by following these simple steps towards a happy move.

Moving to a new house is a great opportunity to have a good old fashioned spring clean. Get started as soon as possible, way in advance of your move. Start with each room in turn and be as brutal as you possibly can. Remember, having a declutter doesn’t mean you are wasting goods. There are plenty of homes for clothes, shoes, DVDs and booms to go to. Hold a jumble sale, a car boot, visit local charity shops and donate. The options are endless, but clearing out your home doesn’t have to mean throwing out. Recycle whenever and wherever you can to stay ethical and make your move as environmentally friendly as possible. Stuck for ideas? Look online. The web is your oyster, it’s really just a case of doing some research. Once you have had a clear out, and this will normally take a few days or one day if you’re lucky enough to not have a lot of stuff, you will be ready to pack up.

By now, you should hopefully have a rough idea of what you’re taking, after having a declutter. Make list of the basics and essentials. You will need these as your first port of call. Gather your materials needed for moving such as boxes and tape and start to group your items together. Pack valuables carefully by wrapping and safely securing. Once you’ve got into the swing of things, you’ll find packing easier as the day goes on. Ensure you label boxes and bags to make unpacking a lot easier for you.

Once you’re packed, it’s time to do that final check. Scan every room, every corner and ensure you have all those documents, essentials and valuables with you, to hand. It’s also vital to make sure you have paid off any final bills, secured arrangements with your landlord for key hand-in and distribution and informed neighbours or friends and family of your house removal Waterloo and relocation. Moving out is a great chance to have a spring clean and de-clutter but remember you need to transfer your old life into your new one as easily, quickly and pain-free as possible, so checking you have what you need will ensure a simple, stress-free move.

Once you’re settled into your new Waterloo home, you can really make the most of the area. Here are our top 3 reasons to relocate:

1) The Strand: tranquil in the winter and picturesque in the summer, the strand is the place to be. With only a few minutes walking distance from Waterloo station, make the most out of this natural beauty and take in the views.
2) Waterloo Bridge is equally a great sight-seeing base as The Strand. Walk along it at night and view London by moonlight for a different perspective to this busy and bustling city.
3) Shops, cafes, bars and restaurants – you’ll be spoilt for choice, but living in Waterloo, you will never go hungry or be short of trendy places to drink.

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