Before you move to your chosen NW1 home or office, consider your options for removals first by weighing out the best company choice for you.

Ask yourself the following questions before you choose:

1) Which type of removals service provider shall I go with?
2) How many boxes will I need to move?
3) What is the budget for my move? Be realistic!
4) How much time will it take?
5) Do I have a lot of big furniture pieces in my business? Or do I only own a few boxes in a small flat?

Full Service
This is a typical package offered by more commercial and bigger NW1 removal companies. A full service therefore includes packing and unpacking as well as overall removal. Some companies may even offer free use of their own boxes while packing; or give you free packaging supplies. You may consider this for a first time move to NW1 or a longer distance move just to take any pressure off your overall move.

Loading and Unloading
This service involves a removal company sending staff to your house to lift boxes and carry to the van, loading and unloading and doing the hard work for you! If you would like to pack your possessions by yourself and you do not know of someone who can lend you a truck or a van to help move your things, you can go for this option. They will not be responsible for packing and unpacking the boxes. This is a good choice for moving on a smaller budget.

Commercial Move
A commercial move is normally common within NW1 office removals. Corporate managers who need to transfer their place of business might need a commercial move. For this, the movers would have to transport your furniture pieces, business equipment, stocks and records to the new address. This is often a lot pricier but easier and cheaper in the long run.

In-house Move
If you’re planning a big move or a renovation, you might consider hiring help to move large pieces of furniture. A lot of lifting and moving will be involved so unless you’re properly trained, don’t risk it. You can find good packages and prices in NW1, just shop around for quotes to suit you.

NW1 Man and Van
For small moves, man and van services are ideal. This will normally include just the driver and a few movers, a van and sometimes some boxes supplied. For your move NW1, you’ll find plenty of companies in the local area willing to help at good prices. This is normally a cheaper service and is therefore perfect for a smaller and less-loaded removal.

There are so many services available for you and your NW1 move, to suit your every need. Choose which one works best for your budget, the amount of stuff you are moving and the time you have spare. So for instance, a full service will probably work for you if you’re moving further or have a lot to move and a man and van will suit a quick and smaller move to shorter distances. Ensure you make a moving checklist before you plan or agree to anything. This will allow you to organise your move and weigh out the best options for you. Depending on your living or working situation, a DIY move may be more suited but to take advantage of hired help, call in the professionals and let them do the hard work for you.

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