You will often find when you are moving house that you can never be that certain as to how well you are doing until something goes wrong! This is the case for most people, so do not worry too much about how right you are getting things, as unless you are having issues, you are more than likely getting it all right. If you can follow a few guidelines as to how you should be going about certain things, then you will be in a good position to get your move underway in a responsible, safe and efficient manner, which is the only way to proceed with such a process. We’ll have a look at those things that you can do to make sure that you put yourself in the best possible position to make your N1 home removal as effective and stress free as possible!

With the move at the forefront of your mind, get started with the planning of your move well in advance. As soon as you know the date of the move itself, you should get to sorting out the coming weeks, so that nothing is left until the last minute. This begins with two things; writing up a list of things that need doing, and sorting out your removals company, if you will be using one. It is hard to know whether you need a full sized N1 removals company, or whether you can get away with a man and van N1 service, so take some time to consider the volume of your furniture, and how large a job your move really is. Be realistic, as trying to do a large move on your own is extremely difficult, and you are likely to have a lot of expensive issues if you bite off more than you can chew! Should you feel that you need a removals company to do the move, you need to book them early, so as to avoid missing out on a company because they have already been booked up. Booking early will also hopefully open you up to advance bookings discounts, but not all companies do these. It is worth asking however, as to whether you will be entitled to money off for being so organized!

Once you have your removals company N1 booked, you should list everything else that you need to get sorted, and run the list past others in your family as well as the removals company, should you be using one. A removals expert will have a great deal of experience in the removals industry, and having moved thousands of families will have an answer for your questions, so make sure you choose a company who will be friendly and will offer advice for free. Having got your comprehensive list of everything that you need to get done finished, you should then lay the tasks out in to a time table, which dictates who will do what, where and when. The hope is that this time table will show you that you only have to do a couple of hours of work on the move each day, perhaps a little more on the weekends. This will mean that you do not need to take any time off work, and that the workload should be nicely distributed between different members of the move party.

We hope that your move goes smoothly, having heard our handy hints and tips, good luck!

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