Here are the five most important things you need to ask the removal company before hiring their services:

1) Are their staff trained? And by who? Choosing a removal that is a member of The British Association of Removers is a great place to start. They will perform at a high standard and follow strict rules and regulations, giving you peace of mind. Using a removal firm for your E14 move that isn’t a member of The British Association of Removers could mean they over-charge you for a poor service or they could be a scam. Not all removal companies E14 will try to scam you, but it’s best to be street wise.

2) How much? Request a full written quote and fixed price before you agree to their services. If you only have half a dozen large boxes to move you may be thinking of doing it yourself by renting a van for £100. But if you’ve got a lot more stuff to relocate to your chosen E14 area, you may want to consider a full service. It’s always better to calculate an estimate yourself first in terms of paying a percent of the value of your possessions to have everything insured, protected and professionally transported, for peace of mind.

3) Are they insured? Try to add up the value of your goods – this is difficult but fully worth it. You’ll be amazed at how much your effects could be worth. So contents insurance is absolutely essential. Check that you don’t need to supplement this if you have some precious items that a E14removal company’s insurance doesn’t cover.

4) What size vans do they offer? Depending on your move, you’ll need a good-sized van to carry your belongings. If you’re just moving boxes, a van man service will suffice. If you’re moving furniture, a lorry may be the best option. Discuss this with your company of interest, as they will be able to advise you, depending on your needs and situation.

5) Do they supply moving equipment? Some may offer deals on boxes and packaging; others may include this in their service and price and be able to provide them as part of the move. Many removal firms also have boxes and racks for books or valuables. Sufficient and good quality removal equipment and materials will really make the difference between good, smooth removal and a bad accident-prone one. Removal companies that don’t hold the materials you may need or follow high standards will probably have a poorly maintained and unlicensed can. So make sure you avoid assuming they offer the whole package, this is when researching a removal company fully in advance of your E14 move is so important.

Other questions to consider are:

• How will the move be carried out?
• How many days, what time of arrival, how big will the team be?
• Do you have an office I can visit?
• How secure are my items?
• Do you offer a tracking service?
• How long has the company been trading?
• How do they maintain their van, lorry and/or equipment?
• Can I request a reference if I cannot find any reviews?
• How well do you know the E14 area?
• How long will the move take?
• Will you need to stop for fuel?
• Do I need to secure a parking space for your vehicle?
• Will you be able to help me unload too?
• What deals do you offer?

Price your move

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