Moving home is quite a demanding process that has many effects on your life, but what you didn’t know is that house removals also have a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, when you are looking for a SE16 moving company, you should always consider hiring the services of an eco-friendly one, and not take into consideration only the prices and the quality of their service. Nowadays, more and more removal companies are preoccupied of the green removals and they try to adapt to this new current. But what do SE16 eco-friendly removals mean and what this implies?

It is quite easy to define what green removals mean, because when you hear the word “green” you automatically think of the earth. So the core concept of this is to protect the planet from waste and pollution. But you might still ask yourself how can you possibly do this when you move home? Well, the answer is simple: find a removal company that embraced this concept, even if it might be a little bit more expensive than a normal one. If you look to hiring such company for your SE16 removals than you should ask a few things about how they are trying to help the environment. Here are a few things you should look for in a company that says it offers eco-friendly services:

• They seek to reduce the CO2 emissions either by using Liquid Petrol Gas which releases with about 20 per cent less CO2 than petrol, or their vans have a high Euro. This “Euro” term refers to the European emission standards and the higher the Euro is (the highest being Euro 5), the less harmful for environment the car is.

• They offer only packing materials that can be reused or recycled. The company should also offer to collect your removal waste and recycle it. So when you are asking your removal company to provide you with packing materials make sure they are made from a recyclable material such as cardboard or plastic. This way you will not increase the waste already accumulated by people.

But not only the companies can play an important role in eco-friendly removals, you can do something for the environment as well. The best thing you can do if you want to have an eco-friendly home removal SE16 is to remove the clutter from your home before moving. This will ensure that you take with you only the things you really need and use. So before packing everything, you should decide what to keep and what to throw away. Split everything in categories: what you will take with you, what is trash and what can be recycled. By doing this, you will have fewer things to move; therefore you will need a smaller van. The bigger the van, the higher the carbon emissions.

Even after you found a company that provides green removal services, you should do some research on that company. Before hiring it, you should make sure that the company is a trusted one; with an extensive experience in the field and that their services are provided only by highly trained and experienced personnel. Do not fall in the trap of scam companies that pretend to offer you eco-friendly removal services just to take your money.

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