In order to fit your house removal within a reasonable budget, you need to do some ground work and shop around. There are so many services available; it’s really just a case of finding on to suit you. Before your move, take your time to gather quotes and find the best deal for your situation. With the right movers, your house removal will be reasonably priced, easy and quick. In order the find one to suit you, follow this guide to the types of removals available.

Before choosing a company to help you move, ask yourself the following five questions:

1) What is my budget?
2) How much stuff do I have to move?
3) How many boxes will need transferring from my current address to my new address?
4) How quick does the transportation process need to be?
5) Do I have any valuable or fragile goods?

Once you have questioned your removal and made a rough outline of what you need and how much time and money you have spare, you can choose the right service for you. There are many options and types of removal services to suit every moving need.

• Full Service Removal
This time of removal is often offered by larger removal firms. This can include a packing and unpacking service as an extra add-on or within the price. The good thing about a full service move is that it does what it says. It’s a full-on service so therefore you won’t have to do much in terms of packing, lifting, loading, moving, unpacking and unloading. The removal company will be with you every step of the way and sometime offer free packaging supplies, depending on the company. This type of service might be better suited someone or a large family with a lot of furniture and belongings to move. It’s generally a stress-free, easy service that might cost more in the short term, yet save you money in the long term as it’s a package deal.

• Loading and Unloading Removal
A loading and unloading service basically means you pack yourself but hire professionals to lift boxes, load them up into a removal lorry or van, transport your goods to your new address and unload them. This option is ideal for those who would rather pack themselves but aren’t able to lift or move heavy goods. Prices for loading and unloading removal really do vary, depending on your personal circumstances but they will cost less than a full service so are better suited for those who don’t want to spend too much on removal but enough to have the professional help they need – a reasonable quote can be arranged by finding the right company for you.

• Van Man Removal
Man and van services are normally better suited to those who don’t have too much stuff to move. This type of service is usually a lot cheaper in comparison to a full service but of course, it depends on the amount you are moving. If you are moving less, you will pay less, therefore saving you money straight away. But you are moving more, you will pay for the whole works, saving you money in the long-term as you won’t need to worry about hiring your own van, packing your goods – it’s a easier option for those with larger quantities to move.

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